Архив | Июль, 2010

Shopping from Gmarket

27 Июл

A few days ago we recieved package from Gmarket!
It was our second order from GM.

A few words about our first order from GM: we’ve bought some clothes for us. Hope in a future we will do a review about it^^

At this time we’ve decided to buy something for our make up! We wanted to try ‘Etude House’ and ‘Beauty Credit’ cosmetics.
We placed an order on 15th of July and got it on 23rd of July!

We bought our items from the sellers etudegmark for ‘Etude House’ and 뷰티크레딧 for ‘Beauty Credit’.

This is our package:
gmarket,order,asiya,aigy,beauty blossom,blog,haul

Our items, free gifts and samples:
gmarket,order,asiya,aigy,beauty blossom,blog,etude house,beauty credit,haul,cotton pads
gmarket,order,asiya,aigy,beauty blossom,blog,etude house,beauty credit,haul,cotton pads

Gifts from ‘Etude House’ are cotton pads, cute flower mini fan, lovely travel pillow and instant tea drink.
Gifts from ‘Beauty Credit’ are facial mask and skin care mini set.

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25 Июл

Yesterday me and my sis Aigy went to buy stickers for our mobile phones. We’ve found a couple of cute stickers:

It was our first expirience of decorating. So we’ve been decorated one of our old cellphones to see how it will look like.

This is a result! Looks very cute and shining^^

After all of this we decided to have a dinner at ‘PizzaHut’. We ate pepperoni and yuuumy sea pizza:


18 Июл

Hello everyone!

Our names are Aigy and Asiya, we’re 2 sisters from Almaty city (Kazakhstan).

This is our blog about things we’re interesting in and we like to do (cosmetics, shopping, reviews, going out etc.)…

Hope you will be readers of our blog!

P.S. Our english is not perfect so sorry for our mistakes!