Gmarket Haul 2

22 Дек

Hi everyone!
Here is another Gmarket shopping:
Basically we’ve been ordered cosmetics
Innisfree: Green tea pure skin, Green tea pure lotion, Green tea pure eye cream
and of course freebies: Green tea pure delux kit, Green tea mineral mist Apple juicy brightenung peeling gel, After sun care kit

Etude House: Cleansing dream foam, Moistfull lotion, Precious mineral BB cream #2 sheer glowing skin
etude house
Proof 10 mascara, Sweet eye cupcake
etude house
and present
etude house
Beauty Credit: Skin shower cleansing rose, Aloe skin, Brown rice mask, Charcoal nose pore cleaning patch with Coenzyme Q10 blackhead clear oil
beauty credit
free samples: Royal jelly yellow soil foam cleansing, Royal jelly greentea yellow soil foam cleansing, Aloe skin and emulsion
beauty credit
Beautiful necklace with wings ^^ (seller:silver fox)
Cute cosmetic bag (seller: ★해피프린스★)
cosmetic bag
and Skinfood tester: Black sugar mask wash-off, Rice mask wash-off
That’s all!!!


комментария 2 to “Gmarket Haul 2”

  1. K Январь 10, 2011 в 2:37 пп #

    Nice haul! 🙂
    Which seller did you get Innisfree from?
    The main shop doesn’t seem to ship overseas every time I try to order 😦

    • Aigy Февраль 9, 2011 в 2:12 дп #

      Thank you! Oh, I bought Innisfree in the main shop in september 2010.

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