Samsung GT-S5230 La Fleur

23 Авг

Hi everyone!

A few days ago I bought for myself a new mobile phone Samsung GT-S5230 La Fleur. And now I want to show off to you my new mobile phone. I liked it very much. Of course, this is not a super mobile phone, but nevertheless I liked it very much. I especially like the design of this phone.

I have never used  Samsung mobile phone (only  Nokia).

It has all the most necessary and not very necessary functions (listening to music, watch videos, internet access, camera, etc.). And of course this phone is a touch screen.

I love my new mobile phone.  It looks very cute. ^_^
Samsung GT-S5230 La Fleur
Samsung GT-S5230 La Fleur
Samsung GT-S5230 La Fleur


Beauty Credit Lovely Green Tea BB cream

15 Авг

Today I would like to review Lovely Green Tea BB Cream by Beauty Credit, which recently I bought at Gmarket. This is quite an affordable BB cream (with shipping it costs around 14,700 Korean Won). This BB cream comes in a tube with a pump. The packaging is a simple and very nice. Contains 35ml. The product only comes in one shade.
Beauty Credit Lovely Green Tea BB cream

Description on the official site
A 4-in-1 blemish balm (B.B.) cream that can be used as a foundation or makeup base whilst acts as a protective cream with nutrient essence.
• The green tea and natural ingredients help soothe irritated, red, blemished skin to help return to normal skin function.
• Natural green tea ingredient helps restore skin elasticity while providing optimum coverage for skin blemishes
• •Removes sebum
• Apply a thin layer every morning to problem areas.

I have a normal-combination skin-type (slightly oily in the T-zone and a little dry on the cheeks). And I have a light skin-tone.

Coverage: The coverage is light-medium. It covers redness on my cheeks and feels like nothing at all. Makes skin look luminous and radiant.
Texture: The texture is neither too thick nor too runny. It’s not a heavy BB cream but it’s definitely moisturizing and making my skin feel soft and smooth. The color of this BB cream is between a medium beige and gray, but it adapts quite well to my skin-tone.
Smell: The scent is very pleasant. It’s like a soft baby powder fragrance.

Beauty Credit Lovely Green Tea BB cream
Beauty Credit Lovely Green Tea BB cream
Beauty Credit Lovely Green Tea BB cream
Beauty Credit Lovely Green Tea BB cream

1. It is an affordable
2. It gives the skin a healthy glow and covers redness on my cheeks.
3. The pump is hygienic to use.

1. Comes only in one shade.
2. Does not include SPF.

Overall, this is my first bb cream experience and so far I love it. I stopped using a Foundation.
I think it will be perfect for a light-medium skin-tone and normal or dry skin. But even if you have an oily skin-type you can finish your make-up with loose powder.
And my overall raiting is 5/5.
Thanks for reading ^^

circle lenses

1 Авг

I want to make a small review of my first pair of circle contact lenses.

My friend Nika (now she’s studying in China) bought them for me in Beijing.
I’m not sure about brand of these lenses because description in chinese.
circle lenses
Diameter is 14.0 mm but they look huge on me! But after some time it starts look natural for me.
Actually I wanted smth like EOS Adult Series especially Adult Brown, but Nika don’t knew much about circle lenses so she bought color which looks as my natural.
These are my third contact lenses (my previous were Fresh Look) so i can compare. These lenses are bit uncomfortable, seems like this lens made my eyes dry so I use comfort drops.

without lenses
circle lenses
with one lense in
Circle lenses
two lenses in
circle lenses

Shopping from Gmarket

27 Июл

A few days ago we recieved package from Gmarket!
It was our second order from GM.

A few words about our first order from GM: we’ve bought some clothes for us. Hope in a future we will do a review about it^^

At this time we’ve decided to buy something for our make up! We wanted to try ‘Etude House’ and ‘Beauty Credit’ cosmetics.
We placed an order on 15th of July and got it on 23rd of July!

We bought our items from the sellers etudegmark for ‘Etude House’ and 뷰티크레딧 for ‘Beauty Credit’.

This is our package:
gmarket,order,asiya,aigy,beauty blossom,blog,haul

Our items, free gifts and samples:
gmarket,order,asiya,aigy,beauty blossom,blog,etude house,beauty credit,haul,cotton pads
gmarket,order,asiya,aigy,beauty blossom,blog,etude house,beauty credit,haul,cotton pads

Gifts from ‘Etude House’ are cotton pads, cute flower mini fan, lovely travel pillow and instant tea drink.
Gifts from ‘Beauty Credit’ are facial mask and skin care mini set.

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25 Июл

Yesterday me and my sis Aigy went to buy stickers for our mobile phones. We’ve found a couple of cute stickers:

It was our first expirience of decorating. So we’ve been decorated one of our old cellphones to see how it will look like.

This is a result! Looks very cute and shining^^

After all of this we decided to have a dinner at ‘PizzaHut’. We ate pepperoni and yuuumy sea pizza:


18 Июл

Hello everyone!

Our names are Aigy and Asiya, we’re 2 sisters from Almaty city (Kazakhstan).

This is our blog about things we’re interesting in and we like to do (cosmetics, shopping, reviews, going out etc.)…

Hope you will be readers of our blog!

P.S. Our english is not perfect so sorry for our mistakes!