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circle lenses

1 Авг

I want to make a small review of my first pair of circle contact lenses.

My friend Nika (now she’s studying in China) bought them for me in Beijing.
I’m not sure about brand of these lenses because description in chinese.
circle lenses
Diameter is 14.0 mm but they look huge on me! But after some time it starts look natural for me.
Actually I wanted smth like EOS Adult Series especially Adult Brown, but Nika don’t knew much about circle lenses so she bought color which looks as my natural.
These are my third contact lenses (my previous were Fresh Look) so i can compare. These lenses are bit uncomfortable, seems like this lens made my eyes dry so I use comfort drops.

without lenses
circle lenses
with one lense in
Circle lenses
two lenses in
circle lenses